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Powered by solar, with provision for 20 cellphones to be recharged. More..

Recharge Pod Mk2

Orange Power Wellies

For the forth consecutive year, Gotwind are working with Orange on the latest must have Eco Gadget


Gotwind was originally founded with the purpose of sharing experience in the design and making of small scale renewable energy projects, focusing in particularly on wind and solar power.

In 2006 Ben Jandrell launched this website initially as a hobby to share his passion with the world, as renewable energy has become more and more prevalent in the worlds conscious. Gotwind and its unique approach has received massive interest worldwide. The website is a quickly growing hub for renewable energy enthusiast’s worldwide, offering advice and resources for all its users.

Along with the continuing development of it’s DIY projects, Gotwind has now developed a range of renewable energy solutions; with the debut of the Orange Wind Charger in 2007, the RechargePod and Dance Charger in 2008, the Power Pump in 2009 and in 2010 the wacky Thermoelectric Wellington boots!  Gotwind are set to announce more projects in the next few months, so check back often.
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  • Recharge Pod Mk2 Launches at CES in Vegas. more..
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