Building your own wind turbine can be both a very fulfilling experience or a disappointing exercise.

High powered wind turbines are difficult to build well, and take much refinement and experimentation.

 If you do wish to build your own - we recommend starting small by purchasing one of our detailed plans as a start.

Wind turbines are difficult to build even for experienced engineers so please be aware of the journey ahead.

Good Luck


The Sturmey Archer GH6 Dynohub

The Sturmey Archer GH6 Dynohub

The basis of some of my projects

The Original 6-12V-5W Dynohub wind generator

 Dynohub wind generator

25+ year old design

Modified 6-12V-5W Dynohub wind generator

      Dynohub wind generator2

6 bladed folded Aluminium propeller design.

100 Watt wind generator

DIY wind generator, Plans available

5 and 100 Watt Pedal-Gen

DIY Pedal powered generator, also pedal pump

Electronics section

Electronic solutions including rectification, regulation and power uses

Vertical Superbright L.E.D generator.

    Vertical Superbright L.E.D generator

Low power, but a small, simple and safe design.

Bottle dynamo generator

 Bottle dynamo generator

A more freely available bottle dynamo generator design

Soil pipe propeller

Soil pipe propeller

 Fast efficient prop design for pence (cents)

12v Stepper motor Wind Generator

Stepper motor Wind Generator

 4 phase stepper motor used to generate electricity.

The Rutland 913 wind generator

Rutland 913 wind generator

My experience with the commercially available 250W generator.

Wireless cycle computer as an RPM monitor

Wireless cycle computer as an RPM monitor

Monitor your generators RPM and more, wirelessly.

Solar 60w (11w) Anglepoise lamp

Solar 60w (11w) Anglepoise lamp

My first attempt at useable solar power

Solar electric bicycle project

Solar electric bicycle project

Solar Powered Sinclair ZETA II

 Experiments with L.E.D's

Efficient Lighting solutions with white LED's

 Tower construction

My tower build

New: DIY Solar Radio

Made for 2.50 ($5) - will last for ever......

Latest experiments and Ideas


My Latest musings and developments.


 Visitors wind generators

Visitors wind generators

Your chance to showcase your wind generators.



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