Useful Links - The UK's  D.I.Y wind power authority  - Hugh Piggott's Homepage. recommended - U.S Alternative energy enthusiasts DIY website. recommended  - Experts in LED lighting technology, developing the future in LED lighting design. - UK Supplier of 'green' energy saving products. - U.K  supplier of a Non-Friction Bicycle Dynamo. - Find everything green here at this great U.S. web magazine. -  supply plans, books, and kits for renewable energy education. - UK based manufacturer of model stirling engines. - A great dedicated  "do it  yourself" wind powered website. - Australian Wind power DIY website, very detailed, good pictures. - UK supplier of good quality, low-priced renewable energy systems. - Website dedicated to all aspects of Renewable Energy in the UK.  - Another great UK based wind generator manufacturers and suppliers. - non-profit organisation whose mission is to help people reduce their impact on the environment -- Great  free diy site similar to, includes solar, hydro e.t.c  - The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are poised to become the Green powerhouse of the UK. - Home Power magazine is the Hands-on Journal of Home-Made Power. - Green Engineering Jobs portal for the Renewable Energy & Environmental Industries. - Scottish renewable energy enthusiast - Angus Chalmers homepage. - Another U.K renewable energy enthusiast - Andrew Whyman's homepage. - U.K based Renewable Energy Products and solutions,  - Canadian Free News and information on renewable energy solutions - Comprehensive Green suppliers and contact listings  - web directory of information resources about renewable energy technology.  - Comprehensive Green issues covered ...  Website dedicated to renewable energy, Large web directory included.  Environmentally sound products recommended by an imaginary hamster...  U.K Specialists in multi-use digital panel meters, wind and solar e.t.c U.K Pottery, 'recycling earth' - and he's my brother : )  Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offsets to slow global warming and clean the environment. U.S. eco community site - Aimed to help visitors to become more green.


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