Recharge Pod Mk2 Launches at CES in Vegas

Gotwind are pleased to announce the world debut of the Recharge Pod Mk2, the latest version of our renewable energy mobile phone charging station. The Recharge Pod Mk2 has been released in the United States by LG Electronics as the LG Skycharger at the 2009 CES tradeshow in Las Vegas.

The LG Skycharger provides a quick and secure place to charge mobile phones made by most major manufactures, outdoors and away from traditional power sources. The very first charger of its kind, this self-sustaining, freestanding, mobile phone charging station runs on wind and solar power. With a peak power of 1.8 Kw, the LG Skycharger can recharge up to 104 mobile phones per hour, and stores any unused energy in its battery bank. The station offers an informational panel that provides a fully functional weather report, along with information on power generated and consumed within the station. The LG Skycharger will debut at CES 2009 as the first charger of its kind in the United States. It is estimated that the LG Skycharger will charge thousands of mobile phones over the course of the 4 day CES tradeshow. The LG Skycharger will be stationed Outside central hall across from main entrance next to registration and will offer free mobile phone charging throughout the weekend.
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