The Facts
The Gotwind Recharge Pod is the first mobile phone charging station powered solely by Wind and Solar Renewable Energy in the World

The free standing and self sufficient pod provides a quick and secure place to charge multiple mobile phones whilst outdoors and away from traditional power sources.

With a peak power of 1.8Kw, the pod can recharge up to 104 mobile phones simultaneously, and stores any unused energy in its battery bank. A fully functional weather station and power generated and consumed readout is also viewable for all to see on an information panel within the pod.
Individual lockers provide built in power outputs to over 14 different phone connector types, over 9 manufacturers, unlike other systems there is no requirement to use your own charger.

Mobile (cell) phone recharging in any location where traditional power is unavailable or where a carbon neutral power supply is favoured.
  • Music/ performing arts festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Promotional events
  • Developing countries
1Kw wind turbine 2.5m rotor diameter with low noise blades
Eight 110w solar panels (880w total)
104 Phone Lockers, with dedicated full time low voltage circuitry
Over 90% of phone manufacturers power connectors available.
Eight Low Energy LED RGB tube lights (internal)
Automatic Battery over charge protection.
Waterproof and flame retardant outer PVC ‘skin’ with 4 zipable side panels.
Structure is ground anchored or bolted down dependant on surface type.

10m x 10m square ‘footprint’.
7.5m tall (to turbine hub)

Modifications to the base design may be possible to suit specific applications – please contact us for further advice.

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